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Story Time! 

Hey Girl! How are you? I hope you are having the best day ever!  I am so glad you're here. My name is Emily Williams and I'm just a girl pursuing her passion. I started Ellie Mae when I was seventeen. This was hard, but I love it. I started Ellie Mae because I wanted to sell clothes that young women could wear and feel good about themselves in. We all have that one outfit we put on and we feel like we own that room. I want every girl who shops here at Ellie to feel that way. Like I said I started this business when I was seventeen, and girl let me tell you, I had no idea what I was doing. I am constantly learning and growing as Ellie grows. With that, I would not be where I am at without the amazing team Ellie has. I am a full time college student and so my mom will help me with orders when I'm not home or run errands if need be. The models I have are some of the best girls I know! They are so sweet and genuine and put in so much to Ellie Mae. All of that being said, the amazing and beyond gracious Lord is the real reason Ellie Mae is here. When I launched Ellie I clicked the post and publish buttons in fear but with peace in knowing this business is in His hands. I give Ellie Mae over to him daily. As much as I love fashion and doing everything I can to make sure you have the best shopping experience, this boutique is ultimately a vessel for the Lord to use in any way to glorify His kingdom. Running a business is hard. Comparison and discouragement are extremely present. Working out of the guest bedroom and media room of my house is not ideal. But I love it. I would not trade it for anything. God put this desire and motivation in my heart, and I acted on it!

The name Ellie Mae comes from my dog. She passed away when I was young but she was my best friend! Girl, if she was a person, we would have been inseparable sisters. I'm going to be honest with you, she had her own closet! Spoiled. One of the hardest things I have ever gone through was when she passed away. I thought naming the boutique after her would be a great way to keep her with me. 

So here we are. 

You are so loved, girl. 



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