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HEY BABE! We want to introduce ourselves!

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"Hey gorgeous! I'm emily! I started and run Ellie Mae with the help of my mom! I always get asked two things: how and why. For starters, I started EM when I was 17, and I basically used google and mentors. It really is not hard to start a business, it's keeping it going that's the hard part! I wanted to start EM because I love fashion. I wanted young women to feel cute and comfortable in trendy clothes. When I was a fashion blogger people always asked me where I got my clothes, so I thought I would buy clothes to wear that people could literally buy at my shop. I'm currently 19 years old and running EM while in college. I attend Dallas Baptist University, in Dallas TX. the ultimate purpose of EM is to create a community of women who can feel and experience the Lords love. At the end of the day, EM is not mine or here because of me, this is the Lord's business and I'm letting Him use it in any way he desires. On another note, my favorite thing to do when I'm not doing school or EM is to ride in the car with all my windows down and laugh. It's been a long time coming but I've learned to enjoy the most simple things in life. I want to finish this by saying that I would not be here with EM if it wasn't for my parents and my close friends, they are my constant encouragers and I am very thankful for them! I can't wait to see where the Lord takes EM!"

This is my mom, Tammy! When you order from EM, she is the one who sends you your goodies! I couldn't run EM without the help of my mom. She won Best Hair when she was in High School and has always been super into fashion. She is my number one supporter when it comes to EM. She's the kind of person who sends you a gift just because! Shoutout to Tammy!!

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Some people who are just as much a part of EM as I am!


I love each and every customer here at EM. When you shop here, you're supporting my dream and it means the world to me. I have big goals and plans for EM that will change lives and when you shop here you're helping me get one step closer. I love you! 

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